Ganjina Services

Ganjina Services was founded in 2018 is a full service provider and the UAE trading arm of Ganjina Group. 

HR Consultancy & German Language training: 

Ganjina Services assists German employers in meeting the need for high quality nurses. For this reason, we concentrate on the Philippine market and developed a sustainable procurement process. Our service package includes:

  • Highly qualified nurses with multiple years of experience
  • A customized recruitment process taking into consideration the demanded specifications
  • Preparing for and attending to the recognition procedure
  • Synchronizing the process with Philippine and German regulations
  • Full-time German language study in the Philippines up to level B2 during 8-10 months with special focus on working in the health sector
  • Risk management (e.g. drop-out management)
  • Performance monitoring in the classes in coordination with the employer (e.g. real time link to the lesson and newsletters)
  • Integration measures starting already in the Philippines
  • Organizing the trip to the German destination
  • Overall integration into the social environment in Germany


  • Export of innovative products for the retail market & teleshopping/e-commerce.
  • Export of Products requested by the Afghanistan Government,  US Government, Resolution Support (former ISAF), UN and other international organizations
  • Retail of consumer products
  • Sale strategy for partners
  • Retail via Teleshopping into 15 countries & E-commerce

As specialists in sourcing and trade consulting for the Middle East markets, we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers here and clients across the world.

We are a proud member of the Ganjina family of companies, which is run by a leadership team with two decades of successful international trading and consulting experience. Because of our ability to leverage vertical and horizontal integration, the Ganjina Group has established itself as one of Afghanistan’s leading trade and consulting companies—and we continue to build on our global success.

Trade consulting

Because Ganjina has been building trade channels in the Afghanistan & Middle Eeast market for many years, we can bring your products into Afghanistan and the Middle East quickly and cost-effectively. Our advisory services and one-stop solutions empower you to build your business without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Wherever your target markets are located, we have local resources on the ground to assist you. Our team of experienced salespeople, logistics experts, door-to-door delivery people, and market researchers will provide up-to-the-minute feedback on how your products are performing.

In our are of operation, we possess comprehensive business capabilities. Our experienced professionals possess extensive trade backgrounds and have established productive industry relationships with government officials and with trade development organizations.

Ganjina works with a highly select group of clients. This allows us to take a systematic approach to cultivating successful trade relationships, while keeping costs as low as possible. Regardless of the stage of your operations—from start-up to mature enterprise—our services will help your company thrive in our markets.

Our trade consulting services include:

  • Trade facilitation service
  • Market strategy development
  • Target market and competition analysis
  • Sales plan implementation
  • Government certification and trade policy
  • Financial, accounting, and legal advice
  • Business proposal development
  • Corporate registration and introduction