About Ganjina Group: 

  • May 2008: Ganjina Group was founded 2008 by Mrs. Rohina Abdul Qadir and Mr. Andreas Wilmers with opening “Afghan Ganjina Logistic Services” in Afghanistan. The company’s goal was to import good quality products from Germany and to distribute them within the country.
  • September 2014: Afghan Ganjina started to look into the option to bring “Teleshopping” to Afghanistan so the Afghan audience can order innovative and high-quality products directly from home. Soon it was discovered that this will only be possible if Ganjina will have its own call center and distribution network in the country. Renaming “Afghan Ganjina Logistc Services” into “Ganjina Teleshopping” as a logical consequence
  • March 2015: Moving of the companies headquarter to the United Arab Emirates and founding “Ganjina Consulting”, to consult companies in innovative 360º Marketing concepts. With the founders strong TV and media background, Ganjina’s expertise helped many companies to develop der brand and to implement a 360º Marketing concept.
  • June 2015: Ganjina Consulting adds the field of Management Consulting  and starts cooperating with international senior consultants in order to fulfill the market requests
  • November 2015: Founding of “Ganjina Real Estate – There when YOU need us!” with the goal to offer a 24/7 agency with innovative customer service. Further the team uses the in-house expertise to present properties with 360º Panoramas and video flythroughs in order to enable virtual viewings.
  • July 2016: Recording of the first Teleshopping shows in Germany for the Afghanistan & Iran market. Contract negotiations with international brands in order to secure the exclusive distribution right for Afghanistan, India & GCC countries.
  • February 2017: Ganjina proudly secures the exclusive distribution rights of Asam Cosmetics, Ready to Wear New York, Dr. Jeannette Graf and Dermetix for the MENA region and Afghanistan.
  • September 2017: Ganjina launches M.Asam successfully on Citruss TV Teleshopping
  • April 2018: Launching of Dermetix MicrodermPro 360 (Microdermabrasion) on Citruss TV Teleshopping, reaching more than 300 million customers accross the MENA region
  • February 2019: Ganjina Group secures the exclusive contract with IPP Germany to recruity 1,000 Phillipine Nurses within a timeframe of 1 year for hospitals in Germany.
  • May 2019: Founding of “Ganjina Services FZE LLC” as a full service provider company in the UAE. The license enables Ganjina to provide HR Consultany, training services and wholesale/retail trading. Further Ganjina Services acts as the UAE trading arm of the Ganjina Group.

Ganjina Group has offices in the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.