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Ganjina Real Estate FZE

United Arab Emirates

Ganjina Real Estate is the only 24/7 fully customer focused agency in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. With offering 360º Panoramas and video flythroughs of the properties, Ganjina is at the forefront in the UAE.

Ganjina Teleshopping

Afghanistan, GCC, India, Iran

Ganjina Teleshopping brings mainly European brands into underserved markets in Asia and the Middle East. With a wide range of cosmetics, vitamins, cleaning products and others we reach over 180 Mio TV households.

Ganjina Trading

Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, GCC Countries

Ganjina Trading is an international trading company and focuses on the im- and export of products into Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia & GCC Countries. Ganjina also provides trade consulting services. Ganjina Trading is one of seven companies having the license of the Afghanistan Government to im- and export medicine and medical equipments.

SAAN Cleaning Services

Kabul, Afghanistan

SAAN is a professional operating cleaning company in Afghanistan. According to international standard principles, SAAN has mastered the flexibility, operations, and management required to accommodate 24/7 maintenance in highly trafficked, fast-paced environments. We know what it takes to work seamlessly year-round while prioritizing clients’ unique needs.

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