Ganjina Real Estate

Ganjina Real Estate is a leading 24/7 and fully customer focused Real Estate Agency in the United Arab Emirates. With its own customer care department, Ganjina Real Estate is the first contact partner for its clients, also long after “the deal” is done.

Ganjina has a very strong “after sales” service as it believes, that relationships are for a lifetime. Founded in 2015 by Entrepreneur Rohina Abdul Qadir, Ganjina managed within only 1 year to grow to one of the leading Real Estate Agencies in the area. The company has contracts with all major developers and offers its expertise in free consultations for the customers.

“A free tour of Ras al Khaimah is part of every viewing as believe that this is essential to get a good orientation of the city”, says Mike Ouseph, Ganjina’s Operations Manager..

Ganjina offers first and second-hand properties for sale and rent. The agency has premium villas with attractive 5 year post-handover payment plans directly from the developer with up to 10% Return of Investment (ROI) yearly.

Ganjina’s attractive property management contracts are the right solution for owners who are not living in the area. Ganjina takes care of the property  and is also the contract partner of the tenant on behalf of the owner – often a great relief to landlords.

Ganjina’s Team of highly qualified property consultants has over 10 years of experience, speak 8 languages and come from 7 countries. We are always there – when you need us!

Property presentation

A huge part in the presentation of a property is the visual aspect. Ganjina as on of the few agencies in the UAE is using all available technology to present the property professionally. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and Media, Ganjina’s Team knows exactly what’s important.

The 360º Panoramas enable a virtual tour of the property – and gives the feeling that you are inside moving around yourself. With the video flythroughs, the viewer has the possibility to see the property and its surroundings live. Those are important tools to show an otherwise not so attractive property in the right light and enables possible buyers from all around the world to have a preview of what the property really looks like.

Much better than photos can do!

360º Panorama Tour:

Video flythrough